This is our princess and her name is Alice!


This is our princess and her name is Alice! Alice is a 9-year-old brown tabby who was once a feral. Our kids found her outside of their house giving birth in the bushes and they adopted out the kittens and my wife took in Alice. Alice is a super-smart cat that knows how to get what she wants. She has 2 beds in the house and shares one with her sister. Alice is at home when she is on her Moma Cats (My Wifes) lap on her special blanket.

Alice used to be mesmerized by the laser light but ever since we got her sister she prefers to play with her sister over playing with my wife and me. Not that we would ever forget but Alice reminds us daily when its treat and feeding time lol. She will jump on the arm of the couch and give us a staredown and she also will run between our feet if where standing lol.

Alice also likes tiny stuffed animals she has a baby turtle that she took from her aunt lol and she has a mouse. Alice keeps her stuffed animals in her bed and keeps them warm at night. I cannot say enough good things about Alice. She is very special to me and I love her with all my heart!
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