Meet My Boys!

I like to be called Ato and I have 4 cats, today I'm writing about 2 of them.

Today my boys Dusty and Dreamer turn 6 years old! My spouse and I got married almost 6 years ago and the next day went out to get kittens. They were born of a stray who claimed a local family as her home to have her babies.

We were excited to have our own "children". The boys were perfect little kittens, but they soon became sick. It was a long and awful journey I'll save for another post, but it ended up being feline herpes mixed with allergies. We ended up keeping them well with Lysine, Lactoferrin, Zyrtec, and a homemade diet. We've been able to add commercial food back into their diet with time, but it is still very important to give your cats fresh meat (including organs and raw bones) regularly.

Due to being ill, the boys couldn't be neutered until they were 2 years old. This lead to aggression. When Dusty almost killed Dreamer (we came home to what looked like a crime scene), the vet said they could never be together again.

For what seems like forever we'd keep one cat in the bedroom while the other roamed the house, taking turns. We were very nervous, but little by little we let them be in the same room with leashes tethered (we leash trained them since they were babies). Eventually through positive association they stopped hurting each other. For the past 3 years they've been brotherly (loving, with the occasional minor spat) and they'll happily share my lap.received_302378277536795.png
Awwww my sweet grandkitties! They did have an awful time for awhile. But with such a smart and loving mommy and daddy they are now much better in many ways. They even come to see Gramma for petties when I come over! They are so beautiful too. I can't believe it's been 6 years already! Happy 6 years old day my Bucket of Dust and Troi Boi❣ Gramma loves you ❤
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