I’m Liz and I am the slave to 6 cats

Southernlady cats..jpeg

We live full time in an RV with all 6 and two small dogs. All the cats outweigh the smallest dog and 4 of the outweigh the bigger one.

There is Pixel (m/no tail) ginger tabby, 9 years old. His sister, Pollux, (f/has a tail).
Then there is Iris, 7 year old female, solid black.
Next in line are Max and Pepper, both will be 3 this month. Max is also black, Pepper is a grey tabby.
All of the above are domestic shorthairs.
Youngest is Mystique (or as we are referring to her as Itty Bitty kitty, who will be 2 in Nov, adopted us at a campground in the Panhandle of FL, she’s a Hurricane Michael kitty. She‘s a long hair dusty torbie (a tortoiseshell with tabby markings). She’s becoming the ruler of the roost.
In the photo, you can see all six, just not from the front. They were watching a bird outside.
Left to right, front row
Pepper, Mystique, Max, Pixel
Second row is Iris
In the back, Pollux.
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Welcome to the forum Southernlady, that is a very beautiful feline family that you have there. And it sounds like you have a very busy household. Our 2 girls require lots of attention every day. So I can imagine how busy you must be with 6 felines and 2 canines. :)

P.S. I am glad that you are living the dream. It must be wonderful to live in an RV snd travel the world. :)
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Your clowder is BEAUTIFUL ? I too have a ginger, but she's a girl named Sunshine. She stays at my brother's house with her sister Turtle, who is a Tortie. And their Aunt Miles, whom I call a blonde Tortie lol. She's got the full blown Tortie attitude but she's a long haired dilute ginger. She cracks me up!! But Sunshine is my soul cat ? ?. Of course, I love all the kitties ?? But thnx for sharing your beautiful fur babies!