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I’m Liz and I am the slave to 6 cats

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We live full time in an RV with all 6 and two small dogs. All the cats outweigh the smallest dog and 4 of the outweigh the bigger one.

There is Pixel (m/no tail) ginger tabby, 9 years old. His sister, Pollux, (f/has a tail).
Then there is Iris, 7 year old female, solid black.
Next in line are Max and Pepper, both will be 3 this month. Max is also black, Pepper is a grey tabby.
All of the above are domestic shorthairs.
Youngest is Mystique (or as we are...

Things good to know before you bring a new kitten into your home!

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Before you decide on bringing a new fur bundle of joy into your home there are a few basic things to consider. Kittens are overloaded with energy and are very curious. They will try to get into everything and may bite wires and scratch your furniture. Burning off their energy by playing with them and teaching them how to use a scratching post may help with keeping them from scratching your furniture, biting your wires, and getting into things...

Meet our second princess Missy!

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Toletia & Missy.jpg

This is a picture of our princess Missy and my wonderful wife. Missy is a one-person cat and a mommy's girl. Missy is 3 years old and we got her from a friend who was moving and she couldn't take Missy with her. Missy is very affectionate and always wants to be by my wife or sleeping on her lap. Missy also tucks us in at night, she sleeps on top of my wife and me until we fall asleep. :D I think Missy is part dog (j/k). Missy LOVES to chase balls around the...

Does your feline have a peculiar behavior?

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Alice & Toletia.jpg

This is a picture of Alice and my wife. Alice likes to sleep with small stuffed animals. She has 2 beds and each bed has her favorite stuffed animals. Often we will find Alice in bed with a stuffed animal on her side. She doesn't sleep on top of them but rather she picks them up and sets them on her side as if it were one of her babies. Does your feline have a peculiar behavior?

About this website!

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Alice & Missy.jpg

This website is a dedication to my loving wife and our two wonderful felines!

I started this website because I like cats. And I wanted a place where people could also share their love for their favorite feline(s). My wife and I are avid cat lovers. I have had the pleasure of owning 8 different cats over the years. Every one of my cats had...

This is our princess and her name is Alice!

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This is our princess and her name is Alice! Alice is a 9-year-old brown tabby who was once a feral. Our kids found her outside of their house giving birth in the bushes and they adopted out the kittens and my wife took in Alice. Alice is a super-smart cat that knows how to get what she wants. She has 2 beds in the house and shares one with her sister. Alice is at home when she is on her Moma Cats (My Wifes) lap on her special blanket.


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