Feline Showcase

Beautiful Missy keeping her mommy's seat warm!

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Beautiful Missy keeping her mommy's seat warm! ???

Little Pip

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Here is our teeny, tiny 8 year od kitty, Pip.

Meet My Boys!

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I like to be called Ato and I have 4 cats, today I'm writing about 2 of them.

Today my boys Dusty and Dreamer turn 6 years old! My spouse and I got married almost 6 years ago and the next day went out to get kittens. They were born of a stray who claimed a local family as her home to have her babies.

We were excited to have our own "children". The boys were perfect little kittens, but they soon became sick. It was a long and awful journey I'll save for another post, but it ended up being...

Our little girl Alice has adopted a new bed!

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Alice new hidint spot.jpg

I have been wanting to show her new bed for a while now. I went looking for Alice last week and I couldn't find her because she was hiding in plain sight. ? The cat tree is old but she adopted it for a bed. So Alice now has 4 beds. ?

P.S. She is a silly girl because if you look at the picture there is a soft cushiony bed right above her head but she prefers to lay on the hard wood lol. ?

Tongue shots

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Missy Toung.jpg

There is nothing my sister Shelly and I get a bigger kick out of than tongue shots of our pets and other critters! They crack us up. We love looking through our pics after we took a bunch and finding a good tongue shot! Here's one I just got of Missy.

How to catch a Missy!

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Missy Sams.jpg
Whenever we get something delivered we always let Alice and Missy play in the box. And If you ever wanted to trap missy all you need is a box LOL! ? Missy loves boxes, she goes in boxes a lot more than Alice. Whenever we get something delivered we always let Alice And Missy play in the box. ?

Missy gets a brush down❣

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Getting a brush down is one of my little Missy's favorite things! Sometimes she gets on my lap and begs me to brush her. At the end she's rewarded with a cat treat and she rewards me with a cat hug and kiss ? ?

Alice and her red bed!

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Alice Red Bed 1.jpg
Alice Red Bed 2.jpgAlice Red Bed 3.jpg

This is our wonderful feline Alice's favorite bed. She has 2 beds in the house and she sometimes sleeps in her sister's bed. But 90% of the time if we're looking for Alice she is in her red bed. ? ? ? ? Alice also has an attachment to stuffed animals if you look at the middle pictures she is sleeping with her baby and...

Squiggles, my friends beautiful baby

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This is Squiggles, she is master to my friend Mary. She is 7 years old I think. She is a Scottish Fold Calico mix. She brings Mary and I such happy moments, making us laugh whenever I visit. We play this game called Try to Catch the Cat lol. Squiggles has safety zones throughout Mary's house where no one is allowed to touch her and Squiggles will cheat sometimes and go to one. She will try to entice us into playing it too. Squiggles also loves the red dot...

Alice in 2015 with her kittens

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Here are a couple pics of Alice in 2015 with her last litter of kittens. She was rescued by our daughter and son in law in mid birth of her 1st kitten! They adopted out all 5 of Alice's kittens to homes that had to meet tough requirements! Then Alice became mine on 12/28/15! The rest is history!

Sunshine, our tame "feral".

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This was 9 year old Sunshine this morning getting pets after a drink of nice fresh cold wawa. I love the drop on her chin. ?20200808_095208.jpg

Feral kittens and our old girl Meems.

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We recently started feeding a pregnant cat we named Oreo. She gave birth in early to mid May. She has five kittens. We have named them Rascal, Scout, Pepper, Deja (short for déjà vu because she looks just like Pepper), and Ruki.

Our old girl Meems even tried out the pet house one time. Other than that she really didn't have any interest. We believe she was a little black kitten that was born in our garage in 2006, which would make her 14 years old. We started feeding them in very late 2010...

I’m Liz and I am the slave to 6 cats

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Southernlady cats..jpeg

We live full time in an RV with all 6 and two small dogs. All the cats outweigh the smallest dog and 4 of the outweigh the bigger one.

There is Pixel (m/no tail) ginger tabby, 9 years old. His sister, Pollux, (f/has a tail).
Then there is Iris, 7 year old female, solid black.
Next in line are Max and Pepper, both will be 3 this month. Max is also black, Pepper is a grey tabby.
All of the above are domestic shorthairs.
Youngest is Mystique (or as we are...

Meet our second princess Missy!

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Toletia & Missy.jpg

This is a picture of our princess Missy and my wonderful wife. Missy is a one-person cat and a mommy's girl. Missy is 3 years old and we got her from a friend who was moving and she couldn't take Missy with her. Missy is very affectionate and always wants to be by my wife or sleeping on her lap. Missy also tucks us in at night, she sleeps on top of my wife and me until we fall asleep. :D I think Missy is part dog (j/k). Missy LOVES to chase balls around the...

This is our princess and her name is Alice!

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This is our princess and her name is Alice! Alice is a 9-year-old brown tabby who was once a feral. Our kids found her outside of their house giving birth in the bushes and they adopted out the kittens and my wife took in Alice. Alice is a super-smart cat that knows how to get what she wants. She has 2 beds in the house and shares one with her sister. Alice is at home when she is on her Moma Cats (My Wifes) lap on her special blanket.


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