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Meet my Cats :)

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Meet my cats. Hammie, Mo, Princess and Charlie. They were given to me from my sons Ex girl friend. They have all always lived togetherMo & Charlie.png

Daddy and Alice, first snuggle of the season❣

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Every fall thru spring this is Greg and Alice's favorite napping spot. Greg sure misses his ESA time with her when it's warm out!received_744593022991000.jpeg

Missy wants all my attention❣

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Sweet little Missy on my lap as I'm trying to watch a video lol. She always has to touch me or my phone if I'm on it lolreceived_1554788901357729.jpeg

The girl's fooling around!

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Girls fooling around.jpg

Just wanted to share a picture of the girls fooling around yesterday LOL. :D

Alice is learning tricks from Missy

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Alice learned a new trick from Missy! I don't think I've ever seen Alice on the tub looking in the shower like this before. She does see Missy doing it all the time and is probably wondering what the big deal is LOL20200911_085400.jpg

Just wanted to share my bother in~laws ferals "The Oreo 5"

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The Oreo 5.jpg

Today I want to share my brother in~laws ferals "The Oreo 5" Oreo is the mom cat at the back right of the grill and those are her babies.

Just wanted to share Alice and her good morning stretch!

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Alice Good Morning Stretch.jpg

Just wanted to share Alice's good morning stretch! :love:

Pixel and Max

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Max, like Pepper is Pixel’s minion. And Max is Pepper’s littermate. Max usually lays in what we call the “praying mantis” position. He stretches his front paws out and lays his head on his front legs.

I think Alice is a little confused about what litter box to use LOL!

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Alice Litter Tub.jpg

I just wanted to share a funny picture today. I think Alice is a little confused about which litter box to use LOL! :D

Pixel and Pepper

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They aren’t litter mates by any stretch of the imagination (Pixel is 9, Pepper is 3), but we consider them brothers. Alto Pepper And his brother Max were adopted to help balance the male/female ratio a bit. They are more like Pixel’s minions.

But these two seem to spend much of their time curled up together.

Our kitty Vega

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Here’s out cute little feline pet Vega we got her a little over a year ago!56AD0821-E14E-41EC-8AA1-777948DC0091.jpeg

My wife got new shoes and Alice got a new box LOL!

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Alice Show Box.jpg

I just wanted to share this picture of Alice, my wife got a new pair of shoes and Alice got a new box lol!

Pip looking cute

Tummy Tuesday Missy!

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Missy Tummy Tuesday.jpg
Missy Tummy Tuesday 2.jpg

I know its Wednesday but I want to share Missy's tummy Tuesday pictures that my wife took yesterday. :love:

Feral Oreo and her 3 kittens!

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Oreo and Kittens.jpg

Today I wanted to share a picture of my brother in~laws ferals Oreo and her 3 kittens. ???

A little cool out today so Alice retreated to her cubby in her cat tree!

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Alice Cubby.jpg

Just wanted to share, It was kind of cool out today so Alice decided to retreat to the cubby in the cat tree today. :D

The Many Cats of Squiggles❣

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My dear friends cat Squiggles is so precious to me for many reasons. But one of the things that has always endeared her to me is the black cat she carries with her on her side! She's a cat of many cats. She has ginger, Tortie, black, white and of course, when it's all put together, Calico❣ I ALWAYS tell her that she is the prettiest cat in the world ?20200824_175516~2.jpg

Today I would like to share a picture of my fur nephew Jasper!

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This is my brother in~law "Denver's" wonderful feline named Jasper. He is my fur nephew and such a wonderful boy. Jasper is very loving and loves attention. When you pet him he purrs so hard that we call it froggy purr. ❣ ❣ ❣

Alice was having nap time on mommy's lap today!

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Alice Nap Time Mommy's Lap.jpg

Alice was having nap time on my beautiful wife's lap and she took this picture. And it was so cute that I had to share it. :love:

Alice in her red bed with her baby!

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Just wanted to share a picture of Alice in her red bed with her baby. ? ? ? ?

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