What to do when you find a stray cat:

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When you find a stray cat, the first thing you must do is check for a collar and microchip.

If the cat has no identification, look online. You can check lost pet pages on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Craigslist. You can also post on these sites that you have found a stray cat. Warning: do not believe everyone who claims the cat. Tell them they must provide a photo of the cat, or a feature only the owner would know, that you did not disclose in your listing...

Things good to know before you bring a new kitten into your home!

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Before you decide on bringing a new fur bundle of joy into your home there are a few basic things to consider. Kittens are overloaded with energy and are very curious. They will try to get into everything and may bite wires and scratch your furniture. Burning off their energy by playing with them and teaching them how to use a scratching post may help with keeping them from scratching your furniture, biting your wires, and getting into things...

About this website!

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This website is a dedication to my loving wife and our two wonderful felines!

I started this website because I like cats. And I wanted a place where people could also share their love for their favorite feline(s). My wife and I are avid cat lovers. I have had the pleasure of owning 8 different cats over the years. Every one of my cats had...

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